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The 'No Dig' Method

For a number of years my wife, Val, talked to me about the “No Dig” method of gardening and my reaction was pretty negative. How could you expect to achieve good results without the traditional method of digging over your beds on a regular basis?

5 March 2016 | Information

The Cavendish Library

When it’s too cold to be on your plot, seek inspiration in the warm.
Borrow a few magazines from Cavendish House Allotment Site “library” in the greenhouse.

14 February 2016 | Information

Cavendish House Allotment Holders Association Twickenham AGM 2015

29th November 2015, St Stephen’s School Hall, St Margarets 2.30pm

20 December 2015 | Information

RHS courses at Wisley

Would you like to learn more about fruit and vegetable gardening?

3 December 2015 | Information

Recipes: Roasted Butternut Squash, sweetcorn, feta and pumpkin seed salad


5 November 2015 | Information

Dogs on leads please

Most dogs brought onto the site are very well controlled and kept on a lead all the time.

5 November 2015 | Information

Useful things to borrow/use

There are a few items that any plot-holder my borrow. These include:

3 May 2015 | Information

Tree Pruning

In November 2014, tree surgeons cut back two large branches of the silver poplar tree which hung over and beyond plot 34A and kept the light from that and surrounding plots. three chestnut trees behind plot 30A were also halved in height to bring them down to a level where they could be managed before they became too big and even more expensive to tackle.

3 May 2015 | Information

Communal wood area

There is a communal wood area in the car park for sawn timber and trimmed branches.

3 May 2015 | Information

Thames Water Hosepipe Ban Starts 4 April 2012

This Notice will come into force at midnight on 4 April 2012 It will remain in force until further notice.

2 April 2012 | Information

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