stag beetle by graham bancroft =

This year we want to improve the communal compost site, but to stop it getting out of hand the bays will only be opened at times when a committee member is on site.

This will be at least once a month and on afternoons when we have social tea and cakes. On these days we hope some of you will be able to volunteer for a short time to help us tidy up and improve the compost area.

We are hoping to create a suitable area for the Stag Beetles near the compost area.

Stag beetles lay their eggs in the soil next to rotting wood. They particularly like apple wood, which we have from recently pruned trees.

We would like some help to dig a pit into which we will sink some logs to give the stag beetle grubs plenty to eat over the 5 or so years they take to grow.

See the London Wildlife Trust website for more information.