Some people believe they are assisted by an angel – their guardian angel. Cavendish House allotments has been offered its own angel – a gardening angel.

Laureen Bulmer wants to offer a helping hand – without any payment (but perhaps a little produce) – to plot-holders who need a little extra assistance. Do you need your crops watering or picking when you are away? An extra pair of hands to help with putting up supports and netting? Help with the end of season clear-up? Laureen says, ‘Agriculture is in my background – my grandfather was a farmer. I love the whole ethos of allotments and growing things and I don’t mind getting my hands dirty. But, even if I could get a plot, I doubt if I’d be able to maintain it. Perhaps I could assist with some of the tasks needed, for the pleasure of being outside and of helping to grow things.’ Laureen works part time and would be available for an hour or two during the day, weekdays or weekends.

Contact her initially via Anne Neville, email: or telephone 020 8891 2899.

We look forward to a productive partnership!